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Why trade agreements are crucial for a successful project, and how they can benefit you and the client

How to write a standard of conduct which will set up expectations for everyone involved in the project

What to look out for in agreements and/or contracts, including who makes decisions and how to communicate

Capella Kincheloe started her interior design career in the Santa Monica design offices of Michael Smith Inc. During her tenure with the firm, she worked across the globe on many high-profile homes, including the Obama White House. Capella is a graduate of the University of Southern California and worked in tv and film production design before returning to her true love of interior design. After leaving Los Angeles, she started her own design business in Atlanta and Arizona. The desire to make a greater impact in the design industry led to working directly with other designers and now Capella runs a business training course for interior designers. Capella splits her time between Arizona and Colorado with her husband and rescue dogs.

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Tuesday, February 12th 2 PM Eastern


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Why Expectations Matter and How to Set Each Other Up For Success

About Capella

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Capella Kincheloe LLC started as an interior design firm and has morphed into a company that helps other interior designers build their interior design business. The company focuses on transparency, clarity, and integrity and strives for collaboration over competition in the design community. After seeing a need for greater collaboration, Capella co-founded Design Collective Atlanta with Hillary Mancini from Peace Design that is open to all members of the design industry. Capella created The Golden Blueprint, her signature 7-week course to help designers design and build their businesses. She also posts weekly articles about the ins and outs of running an interior design business.

About Capella Kincheloe LLC

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Fohlio is a platform for architects, designers, engineers, and contractors. Our software helps design-build professionals to research, select, and incorporate building products into their projects effortlessly. Fohlio's intelligent web platform streamlines the creation of project schedules, product documents, material cost quotation and estimates, presentation materials, central data library, and integrate them into users' projects more efficiently. It helps teams around the world collaborate, design, organize, order, and track these products for their projects. 

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